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[ applause ] the auto worker who won the lottery after his plant almost closed, but kept coming to work every day and bought flags for his whole town. one of the cars that he built, to surprise his wife, he gives me hope. the family business in minnesota that doesn't lay off a single one of their 4,000 employees when the recession hit, even when their competitor shut down dozens of plants, even when it meant the owner gave up some perks and some pay, because they understood that their biggest asset was the community and the workers who had helped build that business. they give me hope. [ applause ] i think about the young sailor i
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met at walter reed hospital, still recovering from a grenade attack with an knee amputation. we walked into a dinner for those who served in iraq, tall, and 20 pounds heavier, dashing in his uniform, with a big grin on his face, sturdy on his new leg. i remember how a few months after that, i would watch him on a bicycle, racing with his fellow wounded warriors on a sparkling spring day, inspiring other heroes who had just begun the hard path he had traveled. he gives me hope. [ applause ] he gives me hope. i don't know what party these men and women belong to. i don't know if they'll vote for me. but i know that their spirit defines us.
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they remind me in the words of scripture that ours is a future filled with hope. if you share that faith with me, if you share that hope with me, i ask you tonight for your vote. [ cheers and applause ] if you reject the notion that this nation's promise is reserved for the few, your voice must be heard in this election. if you reject the notion that our government is forever beholden to the highest bidder, you need to stand up in this election. if you believe that new plants and factories can dawn or landscape, that new energy can power our future, that new schools can provide ladders of opportunity to this nation of dreamers, if you believe in a country where everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same rules, then i
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need you to vote this november. [ cheers and applause ] america, i never said this journey would be easy. and i won't promise that now. yes, our path is harder, but it leads to a betterplace. yes, our road is longer, but we travel it together. we don't turn back. we leave no one behind. we pull each other up. we draw strength from our victories, and we learn from our mistakes, but we keep our eyes fixed on the distant horizon, knowing that providence is with us and that we are surely blessed to be citizens of the greatest nation on earth. thank you, god bless you. may god bless each and every state. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> and there you have heard the president of the united states. i'm struck how often he kept saying, i am the president, i know what it's really like. and the man who came in talking about the audacity of hope, talking about hope over and over again still. >> it was a different speech from four years ago. it was not triumphant. it was sobering. you heard the president say i'm a president who has changed, a president who is mindful of his own failings. and he said a country that learns from its mistakes. >> let's watch now as his family comes out on the stage, there, of course, sasha and malia, ages 14 and 11 now. >> who are going to school tomorrow. >> he said they're going to school tomorrow. high school, of course for malia. we'll go to jake tapper who is right there in the midst of it
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all. >> i completely agree with george. such a different speech than the one we heard in denver four years ago. the poetry at the end, the soaring rhetoric that we're used to hear from president obama and candidate obama. but a lot of it was more pros when he talked about the choice. a choice election, not a referendum on him. and when he plays the commander in chief card and went after mitt romney for foreign policy views and foreign policy blunders, in his view. so it was almost three or four different speeches cobbled together. the crowd of course absolutely loved it. >> and john, we're hearing bruce spring teen, we take care of our own. one of the themes of the speech as well. >> no doubt. the line that stuck out to me is when he said, times have changed and so have i. when he kept repeating the fact that he is the president, playing on the pride of the people in the room. that they helped him get there.
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i agree with jake, in the beginning it was almost like a state of the union, talking about what he would do in a second term. but the last part of the speech was vintage obama. trying to get these people here, to get the people that drove his campaign, talking about we have providence on our side. they loved it. tears in the eyes of a lot of degenerative gat delegates. >> back to the stage, we're seeing craig robinson, michele obama's brother. and also her mother, and the mother-in-law who's been living in the white house and helping with the girls all this time. i want to go to cokie roberts. cokie, what do you think? >> i'm seeing them all hugging each other and looking very, very happy. i'm looking out at a sea of very happy delegates. what really struck me here was
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that this speech was meant to be in a lot of ways, an empowering speech. what he was really saying is that you are, the voters are hope and change. not me. you. and you give me hope, and you are the people who can make change by choosing the future that i am outlining for you. it's up to you now, hope and change, not me. >> they say those voters -- it's time to change direction. they're saying it's a referendum on president obama, not a choice. >> george, it was foreshadowing three things in the obama campaign. first, it's unclear what he meant when he said i endorse the principles of my buoy partisan commission. that sets up the team to say, is there any [ inaudible ]
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-- second he said to them, they want your vote, about you they don't want you to know their plan. that sets them up to be specific about the deductions they would pay for the rate. third, the striking aspect of this convention which was so much more focused on the military and foreign policy than the republicans was a a complete role reversal. the democratic party this year wants to talk about foreign policy, the republicans less so. >> they want to talk only about the economy. they want all the focus to be the economy. >> the democrats had to tell the american people what they've been able to accomplish over the last three and a half years. the president tonight, i believe, was a little wonky, he was inspirational, but he was also humbling. >> again, look once more at the scene, at the stage. we know they didn't have time to
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blow up the balloons here, so confetti and lights are having to do the work here. what about the president saying that the other team is new to foreign policy. we're going to take that money and build roads and bridges. >> i was struck by a couple of things. first, he wants to run on foreign policy, which usually republicans run on and democrats defend. i was struck by normally re-election campaigns fall in two categories one, celebratory, look at the greatest things we've done. give us four more years. the other one is, we're not doing so well, but blame the other guys. blame the other guys harry truman, 1948. he picked the middle path, i think he was looking straight at an undecided voter in ohio with modesty and tone, saying things haven't always been great, but we have a plan for the future. the question is, did it give that voter the confidence that he does have a plan? that's unknown.
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>> they know the path is rder, but better. >> and it's worth pointing out again, the early voting is already started. started right here in north carolina and heading on to other states as well. and then as one political philosopher said, three hours and a cloud of dust to the debate. they begin on october 3rd. >> thank you all for joining us for these conventions. stay tuned for "nightline." >> it has been great to be with you at the democratic national convention. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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. baltimore county fighting west nile virus. >> maybe no showers for long. what part of the weekend we could see storms going forward. >> and the orioles are in the win column and so is the city of baltimore. we will explain in a live report. >> we honor a legend. could this night have gone any better? how about them a's. 46,000 of you saw a game that will go down in history. adam jones kept his promise to hit one tonight for cal.
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it's for who they beat, how they beat onto importance of this anniversary night. this was a great thursday. they jumped out early. yankees tied it up and then in the 8th the orioles had bombs bursting in air, three homers to beat the yankees and with the win they are now tied for first place. nobody wanted to go home. nobody could believe what they were watching, look at the crowd, everybody just a sea of orange and then jim johnson came on in the 9th and went 1, 2, and see you. watch this. cal shaking hands with peter up in the box. brian joining us live with more on the great or win at the yard. >> we start with more information about the west nile virus. >> there has been nearly two thousand infected but here there has been one confirmed death. >> christian is here with more on that now and the response tonight. >> reporter: the case in
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baltimore is in the mill area west of the city. west nile is spread by infected mosquitoes, safe to say that right now there are a lot fewer mosquitoes in millford mill than a few hours ago. . >> reporter: 5-year-old cousins katelyn and sky know what the mosquitoes are after. >> something to eat so they can make your blood. >> reporter: while they wish they would just. >> drink something else. drink juice. >> reporter: that is not likely to happen. now itchy bugs least of the worries. there is worry in the area that a mosquito bite could bring much worse. >> neighbor came over and said i just want to remind you that they will be around spraying, they want everybody to stay inside. >> reporter: spraying because a confirmed case of west nile in this area means west nile carrying mosquitoes are here. the state agriculture
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department is doing a carpet bombing. >> the main goal is to get rid of the breeding ones. >> reporter: west nile can't be spread from person to person, only through mosquito, the spraying could last in to the early morning. the girls hope that the mosquitoes won't be around much longer than that. . they were fun. you can help too no matter where you live by getting rid of standing water and blocked storm drains, potted planted. into the fall long sleeve is a good idea. abc 2news. >> good advice. we continue to work for you keeping you informed about west nile. we have a special section onto website devoted to the disease. just read up on the symptoms, the deaths and infections.
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. >> we got lucky today. it was humid and warm. you could say gross but at least we didn't get to wet. take a look at this video. the eastern shore not so lucky. roads flooded out in ocean city as the remnants of isaac continue to move through. wyatt was here so does it mean we are finally done with the rain? >> i think we are for a while. maybe not the entire weekend but a lull in the action. a welcome lull. crazy flood video on the lower eastern shore. that's where most of the rain was today. the lower part of the area. we had some showers in the baltimore area earlier today but now, tonight the radar clear but we are still damp. still very high humidity in place and of course the showers that came earlier dampening things. we are clearing the west. that will be the story in to the day tomorrow. clearing conditions, sun out and about. the rest of tonight. humid with late fog by daybreak but then in to the day tomorrow we will quickly see it warm up
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into the 90-degree range. more on that coming up. >> thank you. art died today. on saturday lue have a chance to say good-bye and thank you totman who brought football back. his casket will be on the field from 11 to one . you are asked to wear purple. he passed away early this morning. he was 87. he brought our loved ravens here from cleveland in 1996. he hoisted the lombardi as the owner in 2001. he impacted the entire nfl but particularly left a mark with number 52. >> he was one of the greatest men i have met in my life. for me to know him i knew he had a real plan. for me to even meet a man like that with all the impact he had on this world. it's hard losing someone that powerful with that much
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influence. >> and his influence was bigger than just football. he and his wife donated millions of dollars to charities including a school, the hospital and others. he died of natural causes at hopkins with his family and ray lieus by his side. >> you have to admit it was different at the yard tonight. the ny got lock jaw as orange reclaimed the park. it was like old home week. who doesn't want to come back here tomorrow night? >> came back. you pulled the orange out of the closet and came back. >> this feels great. 14 years. you can get it done. >> reporter: brooks came back. on the emotional day, how about this moment? brooks and cal, hero and hero. and a brother speaks. >> it's about a guy that cared about what he did on the field, cared about what he did off the field, he cared about how he
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did it on the field and how he did it off the field. he still does. thank you sir. >> reporter: he came back and draped the railing, pointed out stars in the crowd like eddie and jake and another star speaks. >> safe to say that cal has exceeded all expectations, not only as a player but as a human being. >> reporter: and for that you get a statue. 17 years to the night he broke the iron horse's record he gets his bronze. >> i'm not taking a live round in this ballpark. >> reporter: in the time he took a lap around the statue they were greating the yankees with four great runs. . >> its cool. >> reporter: its cool that you came back, that you are looking beyond new york. its cool they are all lit up in orange. we missed this didn't we? it'sa live. you can feel it. it's great for the birds to be
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back. unbelievable win tonight. you probably saw a lot of orioles orange all round town today. it was declared orange you pumped up today. mayor is calli it orange friday . there has been a push about orange wednesday and purple friday. we have all the colors. we want to know tonight are you wearing orange for the orioles? log on to the facebook page and let us know how you are showing your support for the team and send us your pictures. we will load them up to the website for everybody to see. >> nice. >> nice color. >> my only orange. >> keep wearing it. >> the orioles season is exciting and is big business. a winning season means fans go to the games, buy things, go to the bars, get drinks. >> when baltimore shows pride in their team we go all out. you can bet we are beaming pride tonight.
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brian is down at yard tonight. have you seen so much ever? >> reporter: it was crazy down here. you know we have the economic impact stories quite a bit and it's an important stat. this time it may be as much as a matter of the wallet as the heart. it's long been argued in this charming city of ours, is baltimore a football town or a baseball town? certainly in the last 15 years if you made the later argument it repeated against a empty seating bowl at camden. if history is any indication. >> i didn't touch you. >> i did not. you are lying. you are lying. >> sends one to deep right! number 500! [cheering] [applause] >> reporter: the pillars of one
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of the most storeyed franchises revealed themselves in bronze this season. the on a parallel course with today's player who like a character in a tragedy are in the throes of seeking a classic redemption. . >> the fact that like orioles are with in this close of reaching wild card, winning, whatever it's i have never had a feeling like this. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of fans have been locked in abusive relationship for 15 years, only now, only in september are they willing to consider forgiveness. the team is doing what every baseball mind said they would never do. the orioles are in the top of the division near labor day,
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not memorial day. that finally has camden yards rocking like it's 1997. >> if we can return to some of those times, it makes a dis. >> reporter: to the tune of millions of dollars. andy runs the sage policy group and economic consulting group here in baltimore. this orioles resurge entities is not just a feel good story. it's a very real and very important economic one. >> look at what happened in philadelphia after the phillies won. it's possible and if you do that it means a lot of economic impact. several hundred thousand million dollars of economic impact. if the orioles are good, they get on tv more, the city gets more exposure, national tv and that is very positive as well and it's hard to look at marketing impact but it's significant. >> reporter: it's tom's job to try to figure out that impact. the president of visit baltimore has been waiting for this and said it could mean from a ten to 20% bump in hotel
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occupancy, more spending at restaurants and down town businesses, the orioles are a known baltimore brand around the city the success of which can only translate into a tourist boom. >> we know about crab cakes, the harbor, the orioles, the ravens and hopkins. that is our brand. the fact that one of the brands is shining again right now, the rest are to but it's nice to have that brand shining again and . >> reporter: with 81 home games a year for a sudden competitive team add any sort of playoff run and the orioles are be the most powerful bang for this city's buck. all of that is predicated on this. the economics of the heart are a far more complicated thing. this crowd on this night just may be where it starts, where baltimore buys in, where they forgive, forget and fall in
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love all over again. because this is september and just four days before the ravens open their season, baltimore is once again a baseball town. it was tonight and a competitive team could also lift up the entire moved the city and i can tell you firsthand, that was certainly g) the case in camden yards this evening. reporting live in downtown baltimore. abc 2news. >> great work out there. >> great stuff. all right. police right now warning drivers of a road closure for tomorrow. you can expect delays on charles street which will be shut down from northern parkway to cold spring for a funeral for forest taylor. he pass away after being hurt in a crash earlier this year. he was a 17 year veteran of the
11:25 pm
force. after service he will be laid to rest in annapolis. get thlatest of all the accidents every morning lauren cook. updates start at 4:30 on good morning maryland. we are first on the air every weekday morning. >> by far it has to be one of the most memorable moments of the dnc. >> and it only lasted a few seconds, the moment that had almost everybody in the room on their feet and nearly in tears. >> and blogging about it on the website. check out the weather blog. the storm shield app, the app that could save your life now available for your android phone. check it out at the google store. . >> this weekend you will seat fruits of their labor when the dragon boat takes over the inner harbor. who the real winner will be when we continue.
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. the threat of thunderstorms hurt the final day of the dnc. 80,000 were supposed to pack the stadium, instead the event had to go inside and move the crowd it did. when former representative gaby giffords led the pledge. >> one nation, under god. >> what do you say after that? she used to represent southeast arizona. she was seriously hurt in a shooting at the campaign event and resigned from congress this year to focus on her recovery. the night of course belonged to the president. he officially accepted the nomination and so did the vice president. the president said the recovery will take a few years. he said republican tax cuts
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wouldn't go far enough. job gains prove his policy works and the country still needs help. >> eight years later, that hope has been tested by the cost of war, by one of the worst economic crisis in history and by political gridlock that's left us wondering whether it's still even possible to tackle the challenges of our time. >> you have 61 days to enjoy both candidates, because they will be in full campaign mode. romney and the president will square off in their first debate october the third. >> remember the dragon boats on the inner harbor? a crew of 22 to a boat in sync80 strokes a minute all for a good cause. this weekend they will do it again. every two years the dragon boats rule the water, racing money for catholic charities, while thousands go for the excitement it's the dozens of programs for the needy that
11:29 pm
benefit from the battle of the boats. armed paddles and life vests these boater was on a mission. no time for a quiet relaxing sale or ride on the water taxi. they were hitting the water to work. they have been getting ready since july but two days from now the catholic charities dragon boat race 2012 will paddle through the harbor at lightning speed. >> if you hear me say we have a line in i would get ready. >> we won twice back in 2000, i think 2002. we are looking to get back in the winner's circle. >> reporter: his team is a platinum sponsor. they have supported since the first race. >> we can't say no to catholic charities. it's a blast. open corporate sponsors with one of the charity clients. >> partners are corporate
11:30 pm
supporters with the programs. not only provides it for the agency and program, but it allows the partners to understand the needs of the clients. >> reporter: this year there are eight boats, 36 teams, while the sponsors give they get something back. >> it's the ultimate team work event. >> its been a great opportunity. its been a great team building experience. >> reporter: this is the second race for them. they are partnered with a transitional housing center . >> feels good to he able to help them in all the donations. it's just great to be able to give back. >> reporter: as the sunset brings their final practice to a close they will be prepared to paddle sunday. >> we win, the partner
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programs win. >> reporter: dragon boat races hit the water saturday morning at 8:00, go to about 6:00. this draw crowds of up to 10,000. it's free and open to the public. >> now maryland's most accurate forecast. >> like boot camp on the water. weather has cleared up, we had showers earlier in the day. hemingway the view always a great one over the chesapeake. look at all the weather move around. then we had nice clearing toward sunset on the bay. in laurel, that's -- a quicker clear off here in laurel. under partly cloudy sky 90%,
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air temperature 72. the dame down at camden yards, muggy conditions, that's going to hold up for another 24 to 48 hours, the best chance for that comfortable fall air won't start until late sunday into monday. moderately humid and hot at "times". tomorrow afternoon one of those times. there is the rain. as we look to the future, i think a generally dry day. not to bad. as we look at the time frame from friday into saturday this is where it becomes more interesting. coastal showers lining up. then a new frontal boundary. this will bring in the dry pleasant dry air. in the meantime we will have to deal with these two systems, that can happen over the state if -- we could have quite a bit of rain saturday night. sot orioles game may be dicey
11:33 pm
in terms of rain delays. rest of the weekend looks good. the east is clearing up. the remnants of isaac, less likely it'll develop into a new named storm. still a rare active situation double hurricanes on the board and i tell you, michael here, further out in the atlantic, look at that well defined eye wall as it got into a power house category two, borderline three today. we continue to watch leslie. the track which was threatening bermuda seems to be pushing out. sure a big relief. tonight 67, partly cloudy with late fog possible. a morning commute. tight deadline. in to the afternoon sunny, hot condition, 90, some spots could get hotter. the outlook for the next seven
11:34 pm
days, a chance for storms late day saturday. i think they will clear by early sunday morning like in the early hours, it's that saturday afternoon, saturday evening time frame. other than that weather looks solid all weekend. fall area living. just in time for football. it'll feel like football at least here in baltimore. sunday's games could be a different story depending where they are played. >> that's right. >> it's hard to decide what team are youer more to. >> both. >> equal. >> all right. we will be right back. . finally the president's big night at the convention. so did he deliver and convince the country to hire him again. and diane talking to michelle obama.
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